Welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place.

Had a good birthday week last week. Spend some time with my sister and cousins and saw Terminator: Dark Fate. It was ok and works as both a stand alone or setup for new trilogy for franchise. Got clothes and some money fir birthday. Also brought myself some transformers and Beast Morphers Red’s Lightning Collection figure. Have not found Armored MMPR Black yet but will keep trying.

See you next time.

16.3:Quick One

Welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place. Life has it shares of good and bad times but ss lobg as you have a good support system and are not afraid to ask for help and say that you’re not ok, things will turn around. Remember this for all of you suffering or need help in anyway #mentalhealthawareness.

See you next time.

16.2: Zero-MMPR

Welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place.

Saw 1st episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One hours ago twice. Amazing episode. As always, going to give it the 5 Episode Test to see if i want to fully continue watching. Catch on YouTube while it’s unlocked on official channel or thru the subs of your choice.

MMPR #42 was a great read. The cameos of major PR villians that hasn’t appeared in the series yet ( thanks to the aftermath of Shattered Grid) was cool.

Before i go, you can watch Ultraman region free on YouTube and i watched Taiga and will add it to weekly watch.

See you mext time.


Welcome to the season 16 premiere of KidflashDBN’s Place. Just watched the finale of Kamen Rider ZI-O. It was a good ending to it. Not going to spoil it for you so go watch it however you watch it. The show got better over the run so give it a full chance. Zero-One ‘s next week.

See you next time.


Welcome to the season 16 prologue of KidflashDBN’s Place. Just wanted to say Hi and sorry for not posting lately. Real life stuff happens. Work and projects and family time happened.

See upu next time for the season premiere.

15.9: Zero-One

Welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place. Kamen Rider Zero One has been partly revealed a few days ago. The full reveal and press conference is in a few days. What I have seen was very cool. To the number of Riders to the Drivers , Zero One looks great. Hope that the Rider Curse( design looks great- terrible season, design is terrible-great season) will not affect this season. More about Zero One to come.

See you next time.